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It Now Takes The Average Brit Nearly Two Hours To Fall Asleep; With Coronavirus Concerns The Main Cause

  • New research suggests that it takes the average Briton around one hour and 45 minutes to fall asleep at night, with coronavirus concerns the main culprit
  • Reading a book, listening to calming music and counting sheep are some of the tops things Britons try to help them fall asleep
  • To coincide with this research, the sleep experts at Hillarys have created a brainteaser where Britons have to find five sheep amongst a fluffy cloud image

The team here at Hillarys, conducted the study as part of ongoing research into Britons’ quality of sleep. More than 2,200 Britons, all over the age of 18 took part in the survey, all of whom said they have struggled falling asleep since coronavirus hit the UK.

Respondents were first asked how long it usually takes them to fall asleep at night, with the average time found to be one hour and 45 minutes. Other than coronavirus concerns (31%), the top reasons Britons are struggling to fall asleep included ‘job worries’ (22%), ‘financial worries’ (20%), or ‘general health worries’ (16%). More than half of those surveyed (54%) said that these worries have been heightened due to the pandemic.

When asked what they do to try and help them sleep (and asked to pick as many reasons that applied), the below answers came out on top:

  1. Reading a book – 48%
  2. Listening to calming music – 33%
  3. Counting sheep – 24%
  4. Avoiding caffeine before bed – 20%
  5. Singing in their head – 16%

What’s more, as many as one in five (20%) claimed to be going to bed earlier than usual, because of the darker nights.

To coincide with the research, the sleep experts at Hillarys have created a sheep sleep brainteaser, where users have to find five sheep hidden within the fluffy cloud image.



“It is no surprise that people are taking longer to fall asleep than usual. There are so many worries in the world right now with job losses, health concerns and money worries all bigger than ever thanks to the hit of coronavirus. It is important to try and relax your body before bed and ensure you are in a comfortable sleep environment. The more you worry about not being able to sleep, the less likely it is that you will drop off quickly. Hopefully, our little brainteaser will distract people’s brains for a short while and bring a little fun before bed time.”