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The Green House: Your source book for spring

The Green Edit Samantha Gibson

Samantha Gibson

Celebrate Mother Nature’s palette with textural layers of serene greens

Leafy greens

The beauty of this palette is that, rather than having to pick just one shade of gorgeous green for your décor, you can combine them all to create one wonderfully natural look.  If you want your interior to feel calm and tranquil, choose a sage green as your primary colour and bring in chartreuse, emerald and zesty lime accents. In this restful living room, Tranquility Fern Roman blinds enhance the outdoors-in feel. 

Marine greens

Just as the sight of sunlight glinting off the surface of an azure sea is enough to fill your heart with joy, pools of diffused light filtered through deep aqua shutters is a sure fire way to delight the senses. Enhance the bottom-of-the-ocean feel with an abundance of frothy foliage tumbling over dark wood surfaces. Pristine white walls allow the beautiful coloured shutters to really shine.  

Emerald greens

Dress your most treasured spaces in emerald jewel tones. This sophisticated shade is perfect for creating elegant interiors rich with colour. We’ve given this striking dining room a slightly retro feel with bold geometric curtains and mid-century wooden chairs. Emerald green and chartreuse glassware adorns the open shelves, adding character and personality, while a cool marble fireplace finishes this stylish look.

Tropical greens

Take a walk on the wild side with jungle-inspired prints, khaki greens and tactile velvets in rich mossy hues. Create a living wall of giant palms and macramé hanging baskets filled with lush ferns and trailing ivy. Rich mahogany and dark walnut wood furnishings sit comfortably alongside plush textiles and luxe metallics in this sultry aesthetic.  

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Lindora Gold Roman Blind and Verve Golden Wheat curtains in Dining Room

The Neutrals Edit

The neutrals edit combines warm shades of caramel, honey and mocha with cool charcoal and black. 

Pastel mint green and white curtains hanging in a modern living room

The Pastels Edit

The pastels edit combines cool blues, rosy pinks and serene lilacs to create fresh and tranquil interiors.